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Product Description:


A waterstop is an essential component of waterproofing systems, designed to prevent the passage of water or fluids through concrete joints. They are typically embedded in concrete structures and extend continuously along the joints to form a flexible, watertight barrier. Waterstops play a crucial role in protecting structures from water damage and ensuring their long-term integrity.


  • Prevents Water Infiltration

  • Enhances Durability

  • Reduces Maintenance Costs

  • Promotes Sustainability

  • Improves Structural Integrity

  • Maintains Hygiene

  • Enhances Aesthetics

  • Versatile and Adaptable

Applications / Methodology:

  • Water retaining structures: Used in dams, reservoirs, and canals to prevent water infiltration.

  • Underground structures: Used to waterproof basements, tunnels, and subways.

  • Precast concrete structures: Used to seal joints between precast concrete panels.

  • Expansion joints: Used to accommodate movement in concrete structures caused by temperature changes or structural loads.

  • Swimming pools: Used to prevent water from leaking out of pools.

  • Bridges: Used to prevent water from seeping into the bridge deck and causing damage.

NOTE: Made to Order and Size can be customized according to your requirements.

Types of Waterstops

neoprene rubber sheet

Rubber Waterstop

neoprene rubber sheet

PVC Waterstop

neoprene rubber sheet

Bentonite Swellable Waterstop

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