Elastomeric Neoprene Bridge Bearing Pad

The most economical solution used in construction of large span bridges and buildings.

The elastomeric bridge bearing pads are designed for bridges and building construction. Elastomeric bearing pads are commonly used for steel beams, pre-cast concrete beams and other support points. The elastomeric bridge bearing pad are made of the highest-quality (chloroprene) neoprene or natural rubber. The Elastomeric bearing pads was plain rubber or can be laminated by one layer or several layers thin steel plates (as per design requirements), in this way, the Elastomeric bearing pads can bear bigger vertical load.

Rubber Supplier Philippines also known as "JMAT" with a brand name of "MATLEX" is a corporation specializing in the production of industrial and construction rubber materials. We are known and trusted by big companies. Customization is our advantage. You can design and we will manufacture the products that you need and meet customer satisfaction according to customer's drawings, samples and ideas. We make the molds by ourselves, so we can provide you with competitive prices and products.

Elastomeric Bearing Pad Neoprene Pad

Elastomeric Bridge Bearing pad can be customized according to the size of your requirements.  Below are some pictures of elastomeric bearing pad or neoprene bearing pad.

Elastomeric Bearing Pad .jpg

Steel Laminated Bridge Bearing Pad

Steel Laminated Elastomeric Bridge Bearing pad can be customized according to the size of your requirements typically made of several layers of steel plates. Below are some pictures of steel laminated elastomeric bearing pad or steel laminated neoprene bearing pad.

Steel Laminated Bearing Pad


Q1. Are a manufacturer or trading company?

~ We are Direct Manufacturer of Rubber Products .

Q2. Where is your location?

~ Our factory is located in Pag-asa II mus Cavite, Philippines.

Q3. How can we guarantee quality?

~ We always provide a pre-production sample. We will fabricate/mass produce once the sample is approved by the client. Also, we have a final inspection/quality check before the shipment of the items/products.

Q4. Do you have stocks?

~ All are products are made to order. There are some item in stock but very limited and subject to prior sales.

Q5. Do you support customization?

~ Yes! that's our expertise. Just send us a technical drawing and we can fabricate based on your requirements. Your design and sample are very much welcome.

Elastomeric Bearing Pad

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