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Fiber Concrete Chips

Typical applications for fiber concrete flooring can be found on Ground-level applications, such as sidewalks and building floors. Basement foundations. Building pillars. Support beams.


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Rubber Strips

Rubber Strips used to seal two surfaces. the rubber strips have a silencing effect and prevent leaks. the most common application is weatherproofing, performed by sealing off any openings where water could enter and to help to protect a building from the elements especially in areas prone to extreme weather.

JO# 4956 - 1 Strip.jpg

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Rubber Bumper Rectangular

Rubber Bumper Rectangular are small rubbers used to protect machines, equipment, and other products from damage. rubber bumpers are solid rubber profiles used in industrial and commercial applications to absorb shock. manufactured with a small hole in the middle, allowing the rubber foot to deform when exposed to pressure.


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D-Type Bumper Guard

D-Type Bumper Guard is a vertical bar or foam pad that attaches to the back or front of a vehicle to provide additional protection against minor dents and scratches. a foam guard will provide some cushion to absorb damage and is simple to install and inexpensive cost.


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Finger Type Metal Expansion Joint

Finger Type Metal Expansion Joint are built to deal with movements. the rubber sheet is placed on the retractable steel and anchor bolts to secure the entire structure. they are also used to provide support to vehicles as they travel across bridge expansion joint openings. because of the finger type structure of the joints, surface water can easily drain away.

JO# 4857- 1 Finger type.jpg

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Rubber Nozzing

Rubber Nozzing is a rubber strip installed on the stairs leading edge that protects the stair’s edge. the rubber nozzing is intended to provide traction and prevent slips and falls.

rubber nosing.jpg

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Rubber Corner Wall Guard

Rubber Corner Wall Guard are made of a high-quality raw materials. capable of absorbing high amounts of energy from impact and other forms of damage. a great solution for busy areas like loading bays etc., as it helps to protect corners, columns, and walls from structural damage. appropriate for industrial applications and parking lots.

JO# 4612-2.jpg

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Loading Dock Fender

Loading Dock Fenders offer the highest level of protection to absorb shocks or avoid contact between the docks and boats. Every industrial or commercial structure with significant dock activity must safeguard its assets. It is frequently used in the maritime industry to protect parts against damage, notably from docks and other boats.

Loading Dock Fender.jpg
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