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Nitrile Rubber Sheet 

Nitrile Rubber Sheet is used in a variety of applications because it has moderate mechanical properties and is resistant to aromatic hydrocarbons. a high quality rubber sheet designed for maximum oil resistance and general industrial applications.

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Project Name

Anti- Vibration Rubber Pad

High-grade elastomeric materials are used in the construction of our anti-vibration rubber pad to enhance its loading capacity and assure aging resistance. In some home appliances like the refrigerator and air conditioner, which contain mechanical moving parts that have a tendency to produce a lot of noise, anti-vibration rubber pads are frequently installed either internally or externally. These pads aid in reducing noise and vibration from the motor and compressor. Additionally, it is applied to commercial and industrial buildings, providing protection and extending the life of expensive machinery and equipment.

Anti Vibration Pad

Project Name

Round Stud Rubber Matting

Round Stud Rubber Matting protects flooring, equipment and surfaces to avoid accidents. Anti-slip round studs make work areas safer. a circular surface pattern and a flat reverse side provide a secure gripping surface for safety and comfort.


Project Name

Kitchen Anti Slip Rubber Mat

Kitchen Anti Slip Rubber Mat a slip-resistant floor mat for non-greasy places. a great option for preventing falls, slides, and other accidents. Protects against major foot conditions and lower back difficulties, as well as providing insulation from cold flooring. Heat, water, chemicals, and physical abrasion are all resisted by the solid construction.

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Project Name

Silicone Rubber Sheet

Silicone Rubber Sheet a type of synthetic rubber that is widely used in critical applications. silicone sheets are more versatile than rubber sheets because they retain their flexibility even when exposed to uv radiation or high temperatures. they are ideal for mass transit applications, sealing, thermal insulation, and gasketing.

Silicone Sheet.jpg

Project Name

Diamond Rubber Matting

Diamond Rubber Matting Frequently used in the construction, commercial and industrial sectors. a multi-directional slip-resistant runner mat made of metal sheets, rubber, or stainless steel to provide a flexible matting solution that offers anti-slip characteristics from any direction


Project Name

Neoprene Rubber Sheet

Neoprene Rubber Sheet a synthetic material with excellent ageing and weathering resistance that is commonly used in external applications, corrosion resistant coatings, landfill linings, seals, hoses, and gaskets.

Neoprene Rubber Sheet

Project Name

Rubber Gasket

Rubber Gasket a brilliant component that seals against both liquids and gases. The ideal solution for filling in irregularities and connecting two surfaces. Gaskets are used to prevent leaks between surfaces and are made of a variety of materials including rubber, foam, paper, steel, and other engineered composites.

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