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Matlex Rubber offers a wide range of high-quality rubber products and cost effective. Our commitment to quality has helped us become the leading company in industrial manufacturing rubber products. We take pride in being one of the few full-service rubber manufacturers capable of assisting our customers with material selection, design, reverse engineering, prototyping, and mass manufacturing of rubber components such as molded rubber seals, gaskets, sleeves, strips, diaphragms, bellows, grommets, bushings and so on.

Project Name

Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pad

Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pad is made of neoprene, a type of heavy duty industrial rubber that is both strong and pliable. Intended for use in the construction of bridges and buildings to support other heavy structure in relation to the ground or foundation. Bridge pads significantly raise bridge life by reducing wear and tear on bridge materials also shock absorption indicates that elastomeric bearings have a high capacity for shock absorption.

bearing pad 80.jpg

Project Name

Compressible Pad

Compressible rubber pads are a practical and affordable pad that may be used for securing equipment, protecting equipment, and many other things.

Compressible Pad.jpg

Project Name

Preformed Expansion Joint Filler

Preformed Expansion Joint Filler an equipment used or placed between two concrete and saturated with premium quality materials and recovery capabilities. This product is to ensure that the concrete is free of cracks and designed to allow free movement between the two structures or horizontal movement. Prevents bending out caused by a high-density load.

JO# 4828-4829-2.jpg

Project Name

Steel-Laminated Bearing Pad

Steel-Laminated Bearing Pad is made with a high quality rubber raw materials and bearing pad with rigid steel plates inside that consist of rubber and metal plate layers alternated. The primary function is to support superstructures including large and long bridges. Allow the bridge to move in any direction to increase its lifespan and reliability.

JO# 4315-4316-3.jpg

Project Name

Multiflex Expansion Joint Filler

Multiflex Expansion Joint Filler is a significant material used to construct national highways, bridges and other structures and made of high-quality material with a non-slip surface. Serves as a bridge between two separate structures and a fast recovery after compression due to heavy weight loads and can sustain any weather extreme conditions.

JO# 4670-4.jpg

Project Name

Premolded Joint Filler

Premolded Joint Filler is extremely durable and is intended for simple installation, have a high resistance to shrinkage. Most commonly used in construction to protect concrete joints from injury. effectively boost structural resistance and allow the concrete to revert to its original form as a result of temperature changes.

JO# 4587-5.jpg
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