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Loading Dock Bumper

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

What is a dock bumper?

A backing truck colliding with a dock bumper can absorb 90-95% of the impact. Bumpers protect the truck bed from collision damage and up-and-down movement during loading and unloading.

Because bumpers limit how close the vehicle may be parked to the dock, they have an impact on the dock leveller lip, as well as the dock seal and dock shelter safeguards.

A dock bumper literally creates a buffer between building and vehicle. Accidents can occur on a loading dock extremely rapidly. While reversing, the truck driver is susceptible to steering or estimation errors. The result is hard contact between the truck and the loading bay. The building and the car may sustain damage as a result of this. As a result, the costs can sometimes be high.

To prevent accidents with the associated costs, dock bumpers can be mounted on both sides of the dock leveller. The bumpers prevent damage by absorbing the impact forces of the vehicle.

Advantages of loading dock bumpers

· Prevent damage to vehicle and loading bay

· Safe docking

· Durable

· Safer loading and unloading

Rubber Loading Dock Bumpers are ideal for;

· Light traffic loading docks

· Indoor wall protection for your facility.

· Interior walls should be protected from potential damage caused by forklifts or other material handling equipment.

· Dock bumpers that have been molded will not warp, corrode, or harden.

· Light traffic applications when wall or equipment damage is a concern.

Features of Rubber Loading Dock Bumpers

· Produced from reinforced rubber.

· Pre-drilled, countersunk mounting holes.

· The smooth rubber finish survives all weather conditions.

· Highly resistant to any chemical and corrosion.

· Flexible and has a smooth texture.

· Has outstanding tear and shear resistance.

Every situation has a solution

Different loading situations require different dock bumpers. Each loading bay is uniquely designed to suit the operations of the company in question. Are you intrigued by all the possibilities? Then why not consult with one of our experts? Our experts at Matlex Rubber Manufacturer can help you in selecting the most suitable type of rubber dock bumper to protect your trucks and buildings from wear and tear. Contact our experts now.

Below are some photos of the product.

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