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The Leading-Trusted Rubber Industrial and Construction
Supplier in Philippines

Matlex was established in 2019 and is operating as a reliable supplier, trader of industrial rubber sheets, rubber matting, industrial rubber parts, construction materials, paints and waterproofing. The offered products have earned us a lot of regular customers and good reputation.


We offer the best technical expertise in the industry, and we respond to our customers - from the time they request a quote until they receive their parts. We want to be your rubber supplier. We also take pride in offering not only the best but the most reasonably priced rubber products in the market. We always make it a point to consider our customer’s budget that makes MATLEX different.. We care..

Founded in 1989, Mr. Mateo became a well known supplier of custom made rubber products in small entrepreneurs. Due to the higher demand and request of the clients, he decided to established JIMTER in year 2006. It was located in Las Pinas. The main goal is to supply rubber products from small entrepreneurs to large corporations. Over the years, JIMTER expanded its services nationwide. From being known by small entrepreneurs, the company started to be exposed and introduced to large companies and became their trusted supplier. Many big companies who repeatedly ordering and trusting us until today that we have built in good business relationships.

Year 2019, JMAT was established. In order to cater large/bulk production, it was relocated in Pag-asa II, Imus Cavite with 1,968 square foot and 3,200 square foot wider facilities and enhanced machine technology. From JIMTER to JMAT, our team proudly takes the role of continuing legacy not only by providing top of the line custom made rubber products but also in being of service among its corporate and industrial process.

Year 2021, the same year. The company was able to hit 80% higher than the prior year's sales. Further expanding its capabilities and improving yearly, from being a sole proprietorship, the business was changed to MATER LEGACY CORPORATION with their own unique brand ”MATLEX” this helps our customer to be more familiar with and recognized our quality products.

MATLEX, has taken the big leap in enhancing itself via engineering solutions. Also, improving its method and further boosting its production capacity to better serve its growing clientele. We are driven by customer satisfaction, providing them guaranteed and excellent services/products, establishing good client relationship. We value partnership as the core and backbone of our company; a strong testimony to our service and product quality.

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MATLEX believes in giving back. We are always aim to help. It has and will always contribute its fair and value our customers need. We, of MATLEX, succeed because our customers succeed. We are part of a much larger community to which we are compelled to act responsibly. We act responsibly when we help and consider the person in
all of our business affairs.

Our services include flexible lead times, custom design for low cost manufacturing and custom delivery schedules for satisfaction of our customers. In short, we are a robust company that adapts to the ups and downs in individual industries so our customers can depend on us to be there when they need us in good times and bad.


MATLEX strive to bring growth to our community, helping to maintain existing companies and assist our customers in making their company accomplished their projects.


To become the most affordable supplier of custom made rubber products in our country. Convince our customers to love and consider our own local products to lessen their time cost.


"Our unwavering commitment is to deliver exceptional QUALITY, a pledge that our clients confidently affirm as a guarantee. Their continuous recommendations are amplifying our reputation, making our commitment to excellence known to an even wider audience."

If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.


Result-Oriented Performance:

We concentrate on delivering recommendations that yield tangible results.

Uncompromising Quality:

We exclusively offer top-quality, original products; no inferior alternatives are accepted.

Attentive Listening and Tailored Solutions:

We listen to our clients and provide customized packages that precisely address their unique needs.

Commitment to Deliver:

Our commitment is unwavering; we ensure that everything promised is promptly delivered.

Dedicated Technical Assistance for Quality and Reliability:

Our technical support is dedicated to upholding product quality and reliability.

At MATLEX, our business principles revolve around performance, quality, customization, commitment, and dedicated support. We don't just provide products; we offer solutions that align with your specific requirements and contribute to your success.

Q U A L I T Y  O V E R  Q U A N T I T Y

With over 30 years of experience in the rubber molding industry, Matlex Rubber is your trusted source for custom-molded rubber products. We offer a range of custom rubber molding services, including rubber mixing, formulating, designing, research, and more. Rubber molding is our expertise.

We are committed to delivering our very best to all customers, regardless of the size of their orders. Continuously pushing our boundaries, we strive to enhance our products and customer service every day. Recognizing the importance of prompt delivery, we make it a priority to provide the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Matlex Rubber, based in the Philippines, has established itself as the premier provider of high-quality rubber products, evident through our extensive clientele. Thanks to exceptional customer experiences and satisfaction, clients often choose to repurchase from our company.

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