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molded rubber installation

We are committed to delivering not just quality molded rubber components on time but also to giving the best customer experience throughout the entire process for the life of the relationship.

List of Products
rubber dock bumper



  • Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pad

  • Steel-Laminated Bearing Pad

  • Seismic Elastomeric Bearing Pad

  • Multiflex Expansion Joint Filler

  • Preformed Expansion Joint Filler

  • Premolded Joint Filler

  • Longitudinal Expansion Joint

  • Finger type Metal Expansion Joint

  • Compressible Pad

  • Rubber Strips

  • Rubber Nozzing / Nosing

  • Rubber Bumper

  • Rubber Damper

  • Bumper Guard

  • Rubber Corner Wall Guard

  • Neoprene Rubber Sheet

  • Nitrile Rubber Sheet

  • Silicone Rubber Sheet

  • Viton Rubber Sheet

  • Diamond Rubber Matting

  • Round Stud Rubber Matting

  • Checkered Rubber Matting

  • Kitchen Anti Slip Rubber Mat

  • Rubber Gasket

  • Rubber Ramp

  • Rubber Tubing

  • Rubber Suction

  • Rubber Column Guard

  • Rubber End Cap

  • Tank Relining

  • Polyurethane Wheel

  • Polyurethane Roller

  • Rubber Hose

  • Rubber Ball

  • Rubber Washer

  • Rubber Block

  • Rubber Wedge

  • Rubber Sleeve

  • Rubber Mounts

  • Rubber Bollard

  • Rubber Caps

  • Rubber Button

  • Diaphragm

  • Rubber Roller / Lagging

  • Carbon Brass

  • Anti-Vibration Pad

silicone rubber


rubber bumper


loading dock bumper

Loading Dock

rubber pads


  • ​Cork Gasket -Rubberized & Natural

  • EPDM Rubber Sheet

  • Rubber Floor Mattings

  • Round Rubber Tiles

  • Ribbed Rubber matting

  • Anti Slip Rubber Matting

  • Rubber Lining/ Water Pipe

  • Rubber Cushion

  • Rubber Floor Matting

  • Vulcanize Gum Rubber

  • Rubber Chips Mulch

  • M-FLEX Thermal Insulation

  • K-Flex Flexible Insulation

  • PVC Floor Matting

  • Endless Conveyor Belt

  • Chevron Conveyor Belt

  • Neoprene Pad / Sheet

  • Silicon Sheet

  • Conveyor Belt

  • Rubber Stopper

  • Rubber Waterstop

  • Rubber Finger Plucker

  • Rubber Footing

  • Polystyrene

  • Polyethylene

  • Compressed Asbestos Gasket

  • Non asbestos Gasket

  • Expanded Polystyrene

  • Insulating cloth

  • Joint Sealant

  • Teflon Rod, Sheet, Tape

  • Both- well steel Fittings

  • Mechanical Felt

  • Spiral Wound gasket

  • Gum Rubber Sheet

  • Carbon Fiber gasket

  • Acid Resistant Asbestos Gasket

  • Bentonite Waterstop

  • Road Stud Matting

  • Guard rails

  • Traffic Cones

  • Flexible Post

  • Road Signage's

  • Chevron Conveyor Belt

  • Sheet Pipes

  • Oxidized Asphalt, Asphalt 60/70, Asphalt Primer

  • SC2000 and SC4000 Adhesive Cement (Rubber to Rubber, Metal to Rubber Adhesive)

  • Rubber Flange Fittings

  • Column Guard

  • Loading Dock Bumper

  • Dock Fender for Loading Bay (V-Type or Customized)

  • Rubber Bushing

  • Rubber Wheel Chocks

  • Rubber Gaskets

  • Rubber Strip

  • Rubber Coupling

  • Rubber Lovejoy

  • Rubber Grommets

  • Rubber Matting

  • Rubber Foam

  • Silicone Gasket

  • Sanitizing Rubber Foot bath Mat

  • Tee Head Mooring Bollard

  • TEE HEAD Mooring Bollard

  • T-TYPE Rubber Dock Fender

  • V-TYPE Rubber Dock Fender

  • Rubber Hose

  • Rubber Seal

  • Sponge Rubber

  • Fiber Concrete Chips

  • Self Adhesive UV Resistance Waterproofing 

  • Automotive Rubber Parts

  • Industrial Rubber Parts

  • Bentonite Waterstop

  • Bearings (Morse-Seal Master, Link Belt , SKF

  • Beltings (Abrasive & Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt, Transmission Belt, Steel Cord, Variable Multi Speed belt, Timing Belt, V Belt.

  • Bushings (Cast and Iron Bushing)

  • Chains (Conveyor chain and attachment, Roller Chain, Double Pinch Chain, Elevator chain and attachment, Connecting Links, Offset Links, Flat top Chains.

  • Moonston Engineering Plastic 

  • Acetal,

  • HDPE polyethylene thermoplastic,


  • MC Nylon,

  • Teflon,

  • Torlon,

  • Ultem,

  • Bakelite,

  • Nae Yeul Fiberglass Insulation,

  • Non asbestos Gasket,

  • Leakblok

Rubber Supplier Philippines also known as "JMAT" with a brand name of "MATLEX" is a corporation specializing in the production of industrial and construction rubber materials. We are known and trusted by big companies. Customization is our advantage. You can design and we will manufacture the products that you need and by meeting customer satisfaction according to customer's drawings, samples and ideas. We make the molds by ourselves, so we can provide you with competitive prices and products.

Custom Made Rubber Products


Rubber Compound Mixing is our advantage. From raw materials up to finish products, Matlex make sure giving you the right mixing of rubber compounds ideal to different usage of rubber products. 


Different Hardness, difference colors, different sizes that will match your rubber application needs.

EPDM Rubber - is a high-density synthetic rubber used for outdoor applications and other spaces need of tough, versatile parts.
Neoprene Rubber - (Chloroprene) or also known as Neoprene Rubber is a multipurpose elastomer that provides oil and ozone resistance for demanding application.
Silicone Rubber - Silicone rubber is a superior choice for applications that deal with high and extreme temperatures.
Viton Rubber - Viton is a go-to rubber material for applications that require fuel and oil resistance.
Natural Rubber - Natural rubber is an extremely resilient elastomer that's great for applications with regular wear and tear.
Nitrile Rubber - Nitrile Rubber provides superb chemical resistance to oils and gasoline for applications.
Butyl Rubber - When shock absorption and durability is a major concern, butyl rubber is a great material for your parts.
Synthetic Rubber - Functional, low-cost elastomer for general purpose use.
Foam and Sponge Rubber - Foam and sponge rubber is a cost-effective sealing and cushioning material for variety of industries.

Rubber Mixing Matlex
Compound Rubber
Rubber Compounding


Our goal is to exceed your expectations with custom compounds and designs to deliver specialized performance no off-the-shelf product can match. 


Our high-quality rubber products can be used for a variety of applications.


F E A T U R E D  P R O D U C T S

fiber chips for concrete
uv resistance waterproofing membrane

Fiber Chips for Concrete Reinforce

UV Resistance Waterproofing


Our goal is to exceed your expectations with custom compounds and designs to deliver specialized performance no off-the-shelf product can match. 


Our high-quality rubber products can be used for a variety of applications.

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