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Paints and Waterproofing

Paints and Waterproofing Supplies in the Philippines:

At MATLEX, we take pride in being your premier supplier, offering a comprehensive range of construction materials tailored to meet the unique demands of paints and waterproofing projects. Our essential products address a diverse spectrum of applications, from building projects to highway construction and more. Featuring a varied selection of construction materials, our inventory is thoughtfully curated to align with the ever-evolving needs of the paints and waterproofing industry. Whether initiating a new painting project or contributing to innovative waterproofing solutions in infrastructure development, trust MATLEX to deliver superior materials, ensuring unwavering reliability and excellence at every stage. For all your paints and waterproofing material requirements, choose MATLEX and experience the assurance of exceptional quality and adaptability in each product we supply.

Our offered Made to Order Paints and Waterproofing

Paints and Waterproofing

  • MATLEX Self Adhesive UV Waterproofing

  • MATLEX Concrete Liquid Waterproofing

  • MATLEX Wood Liquid Waterproofing

  • MATLEX Stone Liquid Waterproofing

  • MATLEX Glass Liquid Waterproofing

Floor Coating System

MATLEX FCS-407BS, Epoxy Binder Sealer, Clear  

MATLEX FCS-410HB, Hi-build Epoxy primer

MATLEX FCS-420TC, Polyamide Epoxy Enamel Topcoat 

MATLEX FCS-430SL, Self-leveling Epoxy

MATLEXFCS-450PU, Aliphatic Polyurethane Finish  

MATLEXFCS-428RB, Rubberize Coating

MATLEX FCS-440MT, Epoxy Mortar Topping  

MATLEX PUM, Polyurethane Mortar Topping  

MATLEX ENS, Non-skid Epoxy Finish

MATLEX460DPS, Deep Penetrating Epoxy Sealer

Tank Lining & Coating System

MATLEX BOND CES-901EP, Hi-solids Epoxy Primer Sealer

MATLEX LINE 085HS, Hi-build Non-toxic Polyamide Epoxy  

MATLEX LINE 100HS, Hi-solids Non-toxic Amine-cured Epoxy  

MATLEX LINE 110TAR, Hi-build Coaltar Epoxy Mastic

MATLEX LINE 115PA, Hi-solids Phenolic Amine Epoxy

Architectural Finishes

MATLEX CRYL FL, Acrylic Flat Latex  

MATLEX CRYL GL, Acrylic Gloss Latex  

MATLEX Skim Coat, Ultra-thin Plastering

MATLEX THANE 100-PUS, Poly-U Acrylic Sealer  

MATLEX FLEX - EW, Acrylic Elastomeric Coating

Anti-Corrosive Protective Coating System

MATLEX PRIME 200-ROP, Modified Oil Base Red Oxide Primer

MATLEX PRIME 210-RLP, Modified Oil Base Red Lead Primer

MATLEX PRIME EP-300RP, Rust Preventive Epoxy Primer

MATLEX PRIME EP-301SP Epoxy Shop Primer

MATLEX PRIME EP-305ZRE, Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer

MATLEX PRIME EP-306ZC, Zinc Chromate Epoxy Primer

MATLEX PRIME EP-307ZP, Polyamide-cured Zinc Phosphate Primer

MATLEX PRIME EP-307ZP, Zinc Phosphate Epoxy Primer

MATLEX PRIME EP-308MIO, Micaceous Iron Oxide Epoxy  

MATLEX PRIME ZINC-310M, Modified Inorganic Zinc

MATLEX COTE 225-TE, Modified Long-Oil Alkyd Enamel Topcoat

MATLEX COTE EPOMASTIC-315SPT,Self Priming & Topcoat Epoxy

MATLEX COTE EPOMASTIC-320HB, Hi build Epoxy Mastic

MATLEX COTE EP-350TC, Epoxy Enamel Topcoat

MATLEX COTE CRB-601A, CRB Alkyd Topcoat

MATLEX COTE CRB-605HB, Hi-build CRB Topcoat

MATLEX COTE VINYL-610P, Vinyl Anti-Corrosive Primer

MATLEX COTE VIN-620TC, Vinyl Finishing Coating

MATLEX THANE PU-800TC, Aliphatic Polyurethane Topcoat

Concrete Structural Epoxy

MATLEX  BOND CES-900BA, Epoxy Bonding Agent

MATLEX BOND CES-910EI, Pressure Epoxy Injection

MATLEX BOND CES-920UW, Under-Water Epoxy

MATLEX BOND CES-940PS, Pile Splicing Epoxy

MATLEX BOND CES-950EMT, Epoxy Mortar & Topping

MATLEX BOND CES-955EG, Epoxy Grout

MATLEX BOND CES-960LE, RFP Laminating &  Adhesive Epoxy

Waterproofing Solution

MATLEX PROOF FCB, Flexible Cementitious Binder  

MATLEX PROOF CFW-1200, Flexible Cementitious Membrane

MATLEX PROOF CCW-1204, Two-compo Cementitious Crystalization MATLEX PROOF CCW-1219, Mono-pack Cementitious Crystalization MATLEX FLEX EW-213, 100%  Acrylic Elastomeric.

MATLEX THANE MC-1000PUW, Poly-U Water-base Membrane. MATLEX THANE MC-2000PU, Poly-U Solvent-base Membrane.  

MATLEX SEAL Siloxane-WB, Water-base Water Repellent.

Hi-Temperature Silicone Coating

MATLEX TEMP HT-300, Modified Hi-heat Coating : 0-300 °F  

MATLEX TEMP HT-500, Modified Hi-heat Coating : 0-500 °F  

MATLEX TEMP HT-800, Modified Hi-heat Coating : 0-800 °F  

MATLEX TEMP HT-1000, Hi-heat Silicone Aluminum : 0-1000 °F

MATLEX TEMP HT-1200, Hi-heat Silicone Aluminum : 0-1200 °F

MATLEX TEMP HT-1500, Hi-heat Silicone Aluminum : 0-1500 °F MATLEX TEMP HT-2000, Hi-heat Silicone Aluminum : 0-2000 °F MATLEX TEMP Silicone Primer, Hi heat Silicone Primer : 0-1000 °F

Industrial Paints & Coatings

MATLEX COTE Alkyd Primer

MATLEX COTE Alkyd Enamel Topcoat 

MATLEX COTE Aluminum Topcoat

MATLEX COTE RTP-200, Reflectorized Traffic Paint MATLEX COTE TP-210, Traffic Paint Finishes

MATLEX SEAL CIC, Ceramic Insulation Coating

MATLEX SHIELD FPC, Intumescent Fireproofing Coating



Molded rubber products provide customized solutions for diverse applications, enabling adjustments in size, shape, material hardness, and color. This adaptability empowers businesses to optimize efficiency, performance, and overall value.



Molded rubber boasts exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion, wear, tears, and various damages. Ideal for extreme environments, it outperforms materials unable to withstand such pressure.



Molded rubber products cut costs through tailored customization, boosting efficiency, and minimizing waste. Their durability and versatility meet diverse business needs, requiring minimal maintenance for long-term cost savings.

We offer a wide range of molded rubber products to meet the unique needs of different businesses.
Check out our molded rubber products!

If you're in search of customized rubber products, look at Matlex Rubber Supplier. With their extensive variety of customized solutions and outstanding customer service, they're the ideal partner for companies that require efficient and durable products made from rubber. Contact them today at (046) 886-7045, 0919-079-0031, 0906-410-7353, or email or to learn more about their products and services, and to place your order.

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