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Why Choose Matlex Rubber Supplier?


We are a reputable source of customized rubber products. We provide a variety of custom-designed solutions specifically designed to meet the specific requirements of companies across various sectors. Here are the reasons companies in Cavite should select us for their mold rubber requirements:


High-Quality Products 

We're dedicated to providing top-quality rubber products that are up to the standard in terms of performance and endurance. We make use of only the highest quality products and manufacturing methods to make sure your products meet the best quality.



Provides customizable options for their molded rubber products which allow businesses to receive products that are customized to their particular requirements and needs. This leads to better performance efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.


Competitive Pricing 

They offer competitive prices for their molded rubber products making sure that companies benefit from the highest value for their money. They also provide flexible terms for payment and discounts for bulk purchases.


Excellent Customer Service 

Our team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced experts who are committed to providing exceptional customer service. We are always available to assist businesses with questions, orders, or other issues.

What We Do


molded rubber products

Molded Rubber

construction materials
industrial floor matting

Floor Matting

metal rubber fabrication

Metal to Rubber


Matlex Custom Rubber focuses on the root competency of rubber products. We adore establishing a partnership with our customers - we continually work to be your “best” supplier. It starts with our passionate commitment to our Mission; We always aim to help, giving the best customer experience throughout the entire process up to delivering the item.


As a leading rubber manufacturer in Philippines, we make sure that we provide high quality custom made rubber products to industrial and construction companies. We offer our clients construction rubber products like bearing pads, joint fillers, water stops that are affordable. We pay close attention to every request made by our clients. To develop, improve, and maintain high-quality products at the best possible cost.


Our Services

As one of the best rubber manufacturers in the philippines, Matlex Rubber Manufacturer strives to meet and exceed customer expectations by offering a variety of outstanding manufactured rubber products to support these industries in presenting high-quality products to the general public. Industrial rubber serves a variety of purposes, including seals, bumpers, gaskets, shock absorbers, bushings and more.


Our business has met all requirements set forth by the government, and we have carefully evaluated and ensured the quality of our products. Not only that, but we also provide various rubbers and molding types, as well as an in-depth product explanation or guide. All of this for a reasonable cost. We also supply and deliver everywhere in the nation to make it simple for our partners. We handle our products carefully, and you can count on them to arrive on time.

custom rubber products

Molded Rubber

Focused on providing

customized rubber molded goods

rubber pads


Construction Supplies

such as Elastomeric

Bearing pads and

Joint Fillers

Offering different kinds

of floor mattings

according to the customer's need.

rubber matting

— Name, Title

Metal Fabrication

Wide range of metal to rubber assembly.

metal to rubber fabrication
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