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Rubber Gaskets

Product Description:


Rubber gaskets are sealing devices made from various types of rubber, designed to fill the space between two or more mating surfaces, primarily to prevent leakage while under compression. They are highly valued for their flexibility, durability, and resistance to temperature and chemicals, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial and mechanical applications. These gaskets can be custom fabricated to fit any size and shape, ensuring a tight and effective seal in diverse environments, from plumbing to automotive systems.


  • Leak Prevention

  • Vibration Dampening

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Temperature Resistance

  • Pressure Tolerance

  • Electrical Insulation

  • Versatility

  • Durability

Applications / Methodology:

  • Automotive Industry: For engines, transmissions, and fuel systems.

  • Piping Systems: In plumbing, oil, and gas pipelines.

  • Aerospace: In aircraft engines and fuel systems.

  • Electronics: For sealing and insulation in electrical devices.

  • HVAC Systems: In heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units.

  • Food Processing: For sanitary sealing in food and beverage equipment.

  • Pharmaceuticals: In sterile environments and processing equipment.

  • Heavy Machinery: In industrial machines and hydraulic systems.

NOTE: Made to Order and Size can be customized according to your requirements.

Types of Rubber Gaskets

neoprene rubber sheet

Rubberized Cork Gaskets

neoprene rubber sheet

Teflon Sheet Gasket

neoprene rubber sheet

Non Asbestos Gaskets

neoprene rubber sheet

Garlock Gasket

neoprene rubber sheet

Asbestos Gaskets

neoprene rubber sheet

Cork Sheet Gasket

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