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Elastomeric Bearing Pads

Elastomeric Bearing Pads

Matlex's Elastomeric Bearings Pads are made for use in building bridges and other structures. Under pre-cast concrete and steel beams, as well as at various other support places, elastomeric bearing pads are frequently employed. High-quality Neoprene is used to make our elastomeric bearing pads.

Most states and organizations want 100% pure virgin polymer for applications in highway building to ensure the best product possible. Matlex's Neoprene Bearing Pads are flexible, making it simple to fix common surface defects and avert further problems. Our elastomeric bearing pads are made to withstand vertical loads, effectively accommodate thermal expansion and contraction, and support rotation during vertical deflection.

Advantages of using Elastomeric Bearing Pads

Neoprene Pads - plain and laminated - produced by Matlex Rubber Manufacturer are effective bearing plates for pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete or steel beams in bridges and buildings. They allow a smooth and uniform transfer of load from the beam to the substructure and allow beam rotation at the bearing due to the beam's deflection under load. They also permit the beam to move laterally and longitudinally due to thermal forces. Neoprene pads don't have any moving parts, and their capacity to give and take in shear allows them to absorb heat expansion and contraction. Between the pad and the beam or the pad and the abutment, there is no sliding motion.

Some advantages of elastomeric bearing pads are listed below;

· Long service life

· Low maintenance cost

· Easy to use

· Reduced structural vibration and noise

Elastomeric Bearing Pad Manufacturer and Supplier

Matlex Rubber Manufacturer strives to offer the best rubber products in the market as a leading producer and rubber supplier of Elastomeric Bearing Pads. In comparison to other rubber supplier on the market, our neoprene elastomeric bearing pads are simple to install in bridges and require no maintenance. We produce our rubber products in accordance with the local rules and standards. Additionally, the high quality of the materials we utilize to create our pads makes us an industry leader in the production of elastomeric bearing pads. In addition, our items come with the greatest pricing on the market. Contact our sales team if you would like more information about the steel laminated bearing pad.

Features of Elastomeric Bearing Pads

· Superb Quality

· Excellent resistance to vibration, noise, and shock

· Durable

· Made of premium raw materials, such as neoprene

· Much more affordable than laminated pads

· Can endure any harmful conditions and weather

· Effective Performance

Below are the photos of our elastomeric bearing pads.

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