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High Quality Rubber Products In Philippines

Updated: 4 days ago

Matlex Rubber Manufacturer produces rubber products specifically for its clients; we only produce made-to-order rubber goods in our own plants. Most of the time, we work with the customer to design our technical rubber products. We employ either the customer's molds or our own in the production process, which can go off in various different directions. Since every product is built to order, just one mold must typically be created, representing a one-time expense.

Rubber substance

Compounds for rubber also refer to rubber mixes. Selecting the appropriate compound is essential to getting the desired outcome because there are numerous types and quality of rubber and each compound has distinct features. Matlex's extensive knowledge and experience help in the selection and creation of the best rubber compound. On the basis of your blueprint or design, rubber products or parts can also be made to your precise requirements.

Manufacturing And Testing

When developing any rubber product, Matlex wants to collaborate with its clients to ensure the best possible outcome. We have the right facilities for serial production ranging from single products to greater numbers, as well as for rubber items weighing just a few grams up to products weighing hundreds of kilograms, thanks to highly diversified machine parks in our own production facilities.

Major Rubber Products

Matlex Rubber Supplier Philippines offers a wide range of high-quality custom-made products for different purposes. Below are Matlex's major rubber products;

  • Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pad

  • Steel-Laminated Bearing Pad

  • Seismic Elastomeric Bearing Pad

  • Multiflex Expansion Joint Filler

  • Preformed Expansion Joint Filler

  • Premolded Joint Filler

  • Longitudinal Expansion Joint

  • Finger type Metal Expansion Joint

  • Compressible Pad

  • Rubber Strips

  • Rubber Nozzing / Nosing

  • Rubber Bumper

  • Rubber Damper

  • Bumper Guard

  • Rubber Corner Wall Guard

  • Neoprene Rubber Sheet

  • Nitrile Rubber Sheet

  • Silicone Rubber Sheet

  • Viton Rubber Sheet

  • Diamond Rubber Matting

  • Round Stud Rubber Matting

  • Checkered Rubber Matting

  • Kitchen Anti Slip Rubber Mat

  • Rubber Gasket

  • Rubber Ramp

  • Rubber Tubing

  • Rubber Suction

  • Rubber Column Guard

  • Rubber End Cap

  • Tank Relining

  • Polyurethane Wheel

  • Polyurethane Roller

  • Rubber Hose

  • Rubber Ball

  • Rubber Washer

  • Rubber Block

  • Rubber Wedge

  • Rubber Sleeve

  • Rubber Mounts

  • Rubber Bollard

  • Rubber Caps

  • Rubber Button

  • Diaphragm

  • Rubber Roller / Lagging

  • Carbon Brass

  • Anti-Vibration Pad

You can check our products to view and know more about its information, uses and benefits.

Together, let's accomplish things.

A sample of the mould is provided to the customer for inspection and release after it has been prepared. If necessary, we can test the rubber item's various qualities as well. Testing has the obvious benefit of allowing for the early evaluation of the product's potential functionality.

Contact our sales team if you have any inquiries concerning customized rubber products. We're always prepared to help you in any way we can.



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