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Noise and Vibration Resistance Rubber Pads

Updated: Mar 27, 2023


We offer our extensive expertise as a leading rubber manufacturer in anti-vibration rubber pads to assist you in selecting the correct anti-vibration pads. Matlex's has long been the leading independent rubber manufacturer. Matlex has a track record of success in design, manufacturing. Our engineering technology and modern manufacturing facilities will provide you with components and systems that are the best in terms of performance, quality, and dependability.

Matlex products are all qualified for high performance and environmental compatibility to meet the needs of all applications.

Why is rubber are the best material?

When it comes to the best anti-vibration material, rubber is widely used as the ultimate in terms of vibration absorption. the type of rubber used for the best protection. Rubber have a high tensile strength, are tear resistant, and are flexible at low temperatures. Natural rubber has higher tensile strength and tear resistance than synthetic rubber. Regardless of these secondary properties, both types of rubber are effective vibration absorbers.

What is anti-vibration pad?

Matlex's Anti-vibration rubber pad

Anti-vibration rubber is a unique kind of padding that is intended to equally disperse and absorb vibrations to different levels. They are ideal for reducing noise levels and structural damage caused by vibrating machinery and equipment in a variety of applications. Rubber anti-vibration pads and shock absorber vibration pads isolate and absorb vibrations. Anti-vibration pads are used in houses to shield wood floors from table and chair legs.

Machines are equipped with anti-vibration rubber pads to minimize noise and vibration. Equipment vibrations can be transmitted to the supporting structure over long distances and can be heard elsewhere in a structure or building. Rubber pads are particularly good at stopping the transmission of machine-generated vibrations. They have outstanding vibration dampening and shock absorption capabilities. Noise, shocks, and vibration can severely damage machinery and equipment, reducing their lifespan, effectiveness, and safety. Damage risks that are higher might frequently result in more frequent repairs and replacements, which raises expenditures for the business or individual.

Matlex anti-vibration pads provide numerous benefits for maintaining and protecting industrial machinery.

Matlex's anti-vibration pads are a versatile product that only needs to come into contact with a surface that is subject to shock or vibration to create a damping effect. Their primary function, similar to that of their household counterparts, is to prevent machine walking. They are designed to be as versatile as possible in order to extend the life of a wide range of machineries and tools across industries.

Our anti-vibration rubber pad is made of high-quality elastomeric materials to ensure aging resistance and maximum loading capacity. The anti-vibration rubber pad is commonly installed externally or internally in some home appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators that contain mechanical moving parts that produce a lot of noise; these pads help reduce noise and vibration from the motor/compressor. It is also used in industrial and commercial settings to protect and extend the life of large-scale machinery and equipment. Please contact us for more information.

Types of application of anti-vibration pad

Industrial, commercial, residential, aerospace, marine, and automotive sectors

Because anti-vibration pads can be made of materials such as rubber and neoprene, they can withstand machines much heavier than a simple washing machine! Pumps and engines, exhaust systems, air conditioners and compressors – anything that shakes, rumbles, vibrates, or receives any kind of pressure can benefit from vibration-resistant padding to protect it from long-term damage and maintain structural integrity over many years of continuous operation.

Our anti-vibration pads protect floors, people, and machines by isolating vibrations, reducing noise, and absorbing shock forces. Our anti-vibration pads work to reduce any noise that is transmitted from the machine can also reduce the number of vibrations that reach the machine from outside sources such as its foundations. If you want to learn more about our products, please contact us at any time, get in touch with our customer service and we will help you find the best anti vibration pads for your specific business and projects.

Why is rubber used as vibration absorber?

Rubber is used as a vibration absorber because it has a relatively high shear when compared to other materials. That is, when a rubber material is shear stressed, or stressed parallel to its cross-section, it can be stressed further before becoming permanently deformed. In other words, when vibration stress is applied to rubber materials, the rubber vibration absorbers or isolators can absorb more vibratory stress before breaking or transferring the vibrations. Heavy-duty machinery, as well as building support and pipework, benefit from anti-vibration pads for increased durability and security. The excellent anti-vibration properties of these pads ensure that your machinery operates at peak efficiency. It also significantly reduces stain, which reduces the need for maintenance.

Characteristics of Anti-Vibration Pads

  • Pads are extremely durable and non-slip.

  • Outstanding noise and vibration resistance.

  • Made of high-quality elastomeric material.

  • Can operate in all weather conditions and at temperatures. Has excellent tear and wear resistance; thus, heavy equipment will not be a problem.

  • Can be easily cut and moved from one location to another.

  • extends the life of machines/equipment.

  • Simple to maintain.

Advantages of Anti-Vibration Pads

  • Reduces vibration.

  • Creates a better working environment.

  • Can be used in large machinery with high levels of stress and compression.

  • Easy to install.

Features of Anti-Vibration Pads

  • Anti-vibration rubber pads are commonly used around heavy machinery such as laundries, dryers, large printing presses, and so on.

  • It enables greater machine layout mobility. Furthermore, it separates high-frequency vibrations or sounds.

  • Anti-vibration mats are manufactured by a number of companies. They have extensive experience in providing a diverse range of high-quality anti-vibration pads that are in high demand. Because of their high quality, precise measurements, and good finish, the anti-vibration pads are an excellent choice.




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