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Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Matlex Rubber Manufacturer is able to produce and provide a large variety of rubber strips for usage in a range of applications and industries. In a number of compounds, we can provide strips. The freedom you have in designing your product is unmatched. A wide range of stock sizes are available for fast delivery, and we also provide a bespoke manufacturing service subject to minimum order quantities.

Our rubber strips can be used in a variety of applications to cover gaps, prevent chafing, provide cushioning, and provide excellent solutions to packing and filling issues.

Matlex Rubber's superior resistance and durability ensure that you get a product that is trustworthy and built to last. Both in commercial and residential contexts, rubber strips are frequently seen. They're frequently thought of as a technique to keep moisture out, but what are they actually for? Among their many uses, weatherproofing is one that rubber strips are most frequently used for.

Rubber strips work to shield a building from the elements by plugging up any gaps where water could enter. In regions where there are frequent severe weather events, this may be especially crucial. Rubber strips can also be utilized for insulation and weatherproofing in addition to weatherproofing. When installed correctly, they can prevent sound and air intrusion and maintain a building's insulation and quietness.


  • They serve as anti-slip strips and shield the flooring from harm. Rubber strips, for instance, can be used to keep your garage door from touching the ground if it is damp or cold.

  • In automotive applications, rubber stripping is frequently used to keep the vehicle's body sealed and protected from the elements.

  • for bumpers and protective linings

  • using mechanical stripping generally

  • device sealing (Marine, automotive, aerospace, constructions)

  • ventilation techniques

  • A/C and refrigerator sealing.

  • It can also be used as a gasket to tightly seal two things together.

  • The edge of a table or other piece of furniture can be protected from scratching the floor by wrapping rubber strips around it. The rubber strip needs to be cut to the appropriate length for this use before being glued or taped.

  • Rubber strips can also be used as a sealer. To stop air and moisture from entering, for instance, you can place a rubber strip in the space between your door and frame.

  • Rubber strips can also be used to muffle sounds. Rubber strips can be wrapped around noisy appliances or pipes to help dampen the noise.

  • Roof and gutter sealing (extreme weather conditions)


  • Products produced from rubber strips—whether synthetic or natural—are very resistant to fuels and other petroleum-based substances. They serve as seals in a variety of situations, including those requiring a watertight seal in the automotive and engineering industries. Products made from rubber strips can also be utilized as insulation, bumpers, and gaskets.

  • Rubber strips are widely utilized as seals and gaskets in a variety of applications due to their superior corrosion resistance. The white, vulcanized rubber offers good resistance to oils and solvents and is inert to the majority of substances. Additionally, it exhibits good compression set and rebound properties.

  • Extremely robust with an operating range of -30 to 150 degrees Celsius

  • Plain Black is a solid rubber that is manufactured from premium synthetic and neoprene.

  • Extremely flexible and readily cut with scissors for various uses.

  • Rubber strips work well for sealing and weather stripping and are reasonably priced. It is offered in a wide range of widths and thicknesses. They are simple to install and are easily cut to size with a knife.

Rubber strips are one of the all-purpose rubber products that you can buy because they may be utilized indoors or outdoors. Its main purpose is to filter or block any kind of external fluids or moisture. It is primarily utilized in ventilation systems, appliances, windows, roofs, and sealing solutions. Due to the use of premium rubber materials, such as neoprene and synthetic rubber, the rubber strips' thin construction guarantees that it won't be destroyed right away and will endure longer.

Contact our sales team if you would like more information about the rubber strips or other rubber items that can be customized.




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